Software Integration

Powerful Tools to Manage Your Route, Distribution, and Logistics Operations

Priority Express utilizes the top courier mapping tools, helping you to monitor your deliveries. Our  X Stream software provides complete support for driver manifests, barcoding, chain of custody, proof of delivery, scheduled stop control and more.

Using X Stream, our flexible courier EDI solution, you can inject orders from your shipping partners electronically via Advance Shipping Notices (ASNs), Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), AS2, as well as proprietary B2B data interchange methods. X Stream also provides automated outbound stop- or parcel-level status updates and/or proof of delivery notifications for shippers requiring feedback electronically.  From complex two-way EDI and XML document interchange to basic comma-separated value (CSV) imports to AS2-secured feeds, X Stream handles them all.

Serving a wide variety of verticals including:

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Office Supply
  • Online Retailers
  • 3 PL Providers
  • Medical
  • Automotive
  • Electronic distributors
  • And many more

Benefits of Software Integration:

Powerful route administration 
Ensure that your delivery resources are stopping at exactly the right locations, within the desired time windows, and delivering the correct parcels.

Complete audit trail capabilities 
Track all changes that are made to your daily manifests, scheduled stops, and routes.

Drive efficiency with barcode scanning 
Packages, locations, drivers, and transfers all support barcode scanning for near real-time updates and tracking. 

View stop-level detail 
Scheduled stops now become actual pieces of work, allowing the capture of delivery status, POD, and other notes on each stop. All historical manifests are stored in the database, providing instant access to completed stops.