Tempurature & Humidity Monitoring

Ship with Confidence

Ensuring high standards, integrity, and quality of service are the top concerns for Priority Express’ professional team. We understand time-sensitive materials require the utmost diligence and care to guarantee your deliveries arrive quickly and in pristine condition.

From pickup point to drop-off, material integrity is managed and monitored with scanning and tracking devices that provide real-time reports. You can ensure specimens are always transported in appropriate equipment, such as multi-compartment coolers for ambient, chilled or frozen samples. Using sophisticated temperature devices, we ensure that you can rely on Priority Express to safely handle and deliver your valuable and temperature sensitive cargo.

Why Trust Us?

  • Capability to monitor the temperature, and humidity of shipments throughout transit, replenishing ice and gel packs as requested
  • We provide ongoing details, alerts, and real-time data regarding the status of each shipment
  • Our device records and tracks the conditions of shipping environments
  • Our team is specifically trained to properly handle delicate shipments

Designed to get your shipments to you with the utmost care and speed, Priority Express’ temperature and humidity monitoring services help you do what you do best.